Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your foot bone's connected to your/ hip bone ...

The better I dance, the more painfully I walk. Is this fair? No, it's not! Turns out that 14 months of high-heeled tango several times weekly has produced a bursitis in both hips. And, predictably, a flurry of anxious internet research to try to establish what exactly bursitis is, whether it's curable or only treatable, whether the boring exercises the physio has me doing will actually make any difference, and whether it makes a hip replacement or two sooner or later inevitable.
None of this would have happened, I suspect, if I'd shunned heels from the outset and danced, as L always does, in flats. Now it's too late. I tried recently and felt so utterly wrong-footed that I nearly fell.
It's also too late because now I love high heels, and within 10 days will buying more, just for dancing, in Buenos Aires.

Comme Il Fauts are too high and needle-thin for me, so I shall try to avoid them for fear of falling in love.

Right now, this is my must-have pair - from Darcos. I saw someone wearing them on Saturday night at Nina's milonga and couldn't take my eyes off that glowing red suede and those sexy straps. 
Plus - albeit a dreary little plus - they look as if they might also be comfortable.

But then, look at these ...

And these ...

And these ...


  1. The ones with feathers and lurid green on the heels look like a lot of indulgent fun too

  2. I want to know how you got on now. I couldn't get on with the high CiFs but the lower pair I have now are all right in moderation. I've had a couple of pairs of Darcos, their sizing and shape and balance are unreliable. Again I didn't get on with the super-high ones, I sold them to somebody younger, along with the CiFs.