Thursday, April 7, 2011

Call me old-fashioned ...

... but when I pay good money for a garment, I expect not to have to fix it up after a wear or two, let alone before. What's good money? You know what I mean - an item from a non-bottom-end of the market retailer, who instead of charging $20 for a teeshirt, for instance, would charge $40 or $50. And the items in question?
One Kookai dress. Not this exact one but the same snakey fabric.

Mine is longer and has a lower-cut, crossover bodice. I bought it in Melbourne, and wore it for the third time last night, when I noticed, too late to change, that the left sleeve seam had unravelled enough to be noticeable. Obviously, I can't take it back to the Melbourne store, although if I'd bought it here, I would.
Here's what Kookai's website says about quality:

Quality is inherent in every garment. This is demonstrated through the designers' meticulous attention to detail, the use of quality finishes and unique prints which are designed and developed in-house. There is an honesty about every Kookai garment, made using ethically oriented partners.
Item two: one pair of Kimberley's stretch pants (sorry, but I refuse to call them ... brace yourself, jeggings, as they did in their Wellington shop).

These, at $179, were more expensive than the dress, and of good quality fabric. Yet the first time I wore them one of the belt loops fell off. Am I going to make a special expedition back to the shop to complain? Of course not, when I can fix it myself in five minutes. But I shouldn't have to, should I.
Item three: one pair Veronica Main pants, differing from the above in that they are more legging-like and fit snugly around the ankle with a zip that extends up to the calf (I can't locate an image). Great for tucking into boots.
The problem? That fit wasn't nearly snug enough, and the zipped portion stuck out in an unsightly way from my ankle. I guess you could say I should have noticed this in the shop and not bought them. And you'd be right. Unfortunately I didn't notice, and had put them on at home to go out before I did. So I've spent an hour or two unpicking and resewing one side of each zip so they tighten at the bottom. They certainly look better now. My mood, however, is considerably worse. 

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