Friday, April 15, 2011

Gok and Brix

I watched Gok's Fashion Fix as I ate lunch. There's plenty that's heinously silly in the fashion world, and some of it is on display in this show, but I'm always impressed by how much Gok likes women and how much he stresses that they can look good no matter what their shape and size. For all his showy talk and gush, he evinces a good deal of respect for his subjects. Which is more than can be said for Trinny and Susannah. Especially Trinny.
I also like Gok's angle that High St can stand up again designer label any time. For those who don't know the show, apart from featuring a woman in need of sartorial help, it also includes a contest culminating in a catwalk show. One group of prancing models wears modestly priced, chainstore outfits put together by Gok, the other, eye-wateringly expensive designer equivalents, chosen by someone called Brix Smith. The audience then chooses which lot it likes best. Gok wins often enough to make his point.
This Brix Smith, though ... her sheer depth of shallowness is something to behold. This portrait makes her look half-way sane, whereas her on-camera persona is practically demented.

Leaping up from the TV to attend to this blog, my first thought was - who is this wretched creature? That's before I checked Wikipaedia.
So. She was born Laura Elisse Salenger in California in 1962, and - this is where it gets surprising - was a singer and guitarist before becoming a "fashion expert".  She was a member of post-punk band The Fall, and lead singer and songwriter with The Adult Net. She was also, as Wikipaedia so delicately puts it, "romantically-involved" with renegade classical violinist Nigel Kennedy.

Brix Smith in 1984, aged 22

I really don't know what conclusions can be drawn from these findings, except that, gosh, isn't there always more to people than meets the eye. Or less.


  1. I watched today's show too, and thought just the same about Gok - he is so lovely and seems very genuine despite his effusiveness. :-) Have to agree on Brix, too - I would never have guessed she had such a history!

  2. Plain Jane,

    So, you watch TV and regurgitate Wikipedia...without bothering to consider offering a reader any semblance of opinion beyond, "gosh, isn't there always more to people than meets the eye. Or less."

    Words fail me. And I say that because they clearly fail you.