Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Man of the week

The one who spontaneously mentioned the Sunday Star Times's "Shoe of the Week" feature. I'd always assumed this fell beneath the radar of a lot of women and all men. Am delighted to be proved wrong.

Someone should put together an online collection. In the meantime, here's a recent SOTW.

And a note for anyone who thinks I must want my head read for imagining such items are wearable - I don't, and especially not by me. They are artefacts, enjoyable for their own aesthetic sake. They don't pretend to have anything to do with the practicalities of Wellington footpaths, driving rain and running for buses. I don't want to own them.  Quite often I don't even like them. But I do need to look at them. Sometimes for quite a long time.

Which reminds me, I must some time tell you the story of M and the most nearly unwearable shoes I have ever bought.

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