Friday, September 10, 2010

Dark desires, pale imitations

"Got some dark desire?" inquires the poster. Indeed I do, although I'm not sure Costume Cave's notion of a can-can girl is the answer.

It comprises a black lace skirt overlaying red and black frills, a sleeveless square-necked black lace blouse and a black corset. There's also a bead choker, elbow-length red gloves, and a comb bearing a black rose and long feathers. I'll supply my own fishnet tights.

The skirt and blouse have definitely seen better days. Strategically placed safety pins are all that holds the skirt up. The corset is made of sterner stuff and to my surprise does approach some previously unapprehended darker desire. S pointed out when we were fitted a couple of weeks ago, though, that since our bosoms are not our strong point, we would have to make the most of our legs. S's go on forever, while C is much more appropriately endowed for corset-wearing.

I needed to do something, though, to make the outfit a little bit my own, so after coffee at La Cloche this morning I ducked into Spotlight. I bought a clutch of red feathers to replenish the weary ones on the comb, and a length of black velvet ribbon on which to pin a brooch for a classier choker.

The three of us convene at 7 to lace each other up. This may well prove the most fun part of the evening.

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