Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's fashion, stupid

Last week was New Zealand Fashion Week, this week is WOW I've never attended either event. If I had to choose one, though, it would be WOW. By all reports, it's a great show, a spectacle that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Fashion, on the other hand, can always be relied on to give fashion a bad name.

Thanks to Anne for drawing my attention to the report in yesterday's Dom Post describing the Stolen Girlfriends Club show.

As if knitted shorts weren't enough, it culminated in a mock wedding in which the bride wore a mullet dress, and the groom a suit made in "the label's signature winter print of hydrangeas and ciggie butts".

I might stand accused of not knowing much about Fashion, but I do know what I like and it isn't fag-ends all over my clothes.

But wait, the madness doesn't end there. Beauty Bible describes the show too then goes on to urge readers to "Get the look":
To begin, the hair texture was loosely relaxed in a very natural manner with flat-irons so that it did not look wavy or perfectly straight. The hair is centre-parted and sectioned from a couple of inches back from the front hairline to behind the ears on either side of the head.

In small subsections, this hair was brushed firmly to the scalp with a bristle brush and then sprayed with Kms California Hair-Stay Medium Hold Hairspray on every section to fix it close to the head and behind the ears. This frontal area was then sprayed with Silksheen Gloss Spray for extra contrast.

At the back of the head a square section about 3 inches deep and the width of the head wide is taken below the crown. This area was texture set by light back-brushing and following this with flat-irons in a very loose manner.

This was brushed out and Kms California Dry Wax was liberally sprayed into the hair and the hair was styled with the fingers to simulate a pillow-rub effect.
To finish, various plastic cigarettes and fresh flowers were individually attached in the hair to suit the model and to complete the look.

Or, you could just spend less money on product and more time in the gutter.  


  1. For a refreshingly irreverent view of Fashion Week, go here v by Ian Seward of The Press.

  2. Glad you posted this - truly beyond parody.