Friday, November 19, 2010

A great dame

On Saturday evening, E's two grandchildren took us to the pantomime, and I had the best time I've had in ages in a theatre. It was Roger Hall's Robin Hood, staged by Circa (go here to read some reviews). Star of the show, as they so often are, was the Dame - Robin's mother, Trelise Hood, played in grand style by Gavin Rutherford.
If you live in this country, her name will alert you to the fact that this poor widow makes her living as a fashion designer, unfortunately one who designs entirely in green and embarrases her derring-do son with outfits made just for him.
It being a truth universally aknowledged that a poor widow woman must be in need of a husband, Trelise goes all out to catch one, refusing to draw the line at the wicked Sherrif of Nottingham (booo!) or innocent Bob in the front row.

The evening's only disappointment for this member of the audience was that the Principal Boy wasn't a girl. But that might be because his modern opposite number - Maid Marion, in this case - seems to have taken over all his/her splendid traditional attributes. This one was bold, assertive, a cracking shot with a bow and arrow, and sensibly dressed. No sign of simper or frill. 
Robin Hood runs until 23 December. Grab the nearest kid and get down to Circa.

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