Sunday, November 28, 2010

Does my arse look big in this tanda?

Ms Hedgehog blogs mainly on tango, and her most recent is on what it does for female bums. She says that:
[R]egardless of your shape, whether you have a fat bottom, a thin bottom, a round one or a flat one, squareish, prominent, pear-shaped, athletic, negligible, or enough for two, following well in tango is going to make it look fabulous. Callipygousness in motion. If you want to feel good about your bottom, this will work.
I agree. Watch any good follower and within seconds you'll be hypnotised by her bum. And I speak as a straight woman. God knows what it does to men.


  1. Do the wobbly ones look good in mid-tango? Women who can climb trees generally have the best rumps in my experience.