Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I don't "Love Love".

At least, not enough.

I mean, this is how they market it. That thing on the upside of the model's head that's topped off by the orange bill is its bottle. Not exactly targeted at women of a certain age, is it? I might have only recently lost my perfume virginity, but I do have some pride.

E and I had fun in the store, alternately sniffing those little paper strips and ducking our noses into the coffee beans.

I ended up with Davidoff's Cool Water. Which comes in this dignified  bottle.

 And look, my dears, at how they market the man's version.

 I'm off to have a cold shower.


  1. I'm a sucker for Guerlain myself since being given Parure in 1972 via duty free by a man who sadly sexually turned out to be not what he had appeared. But remains a good friend. And the not being what they appear theme continues as does the love of Guerlain. Samsara, Mitsokou and the wonderful Idyll sit in my bathroom. Sigh

  2. And the bathroom is, quite possibly, where our Idyll's should remain .... Smell must be the most nostalgia-laden of our senses, I think.

    I don't wear perfume to attract men, though, do you? I wear it because it attracts me.