Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pop off!

I know you've noticed but bear with me as I record my own irritation. Nothing is red or yellow or orange anymore. Instead it's a "pop of colour". Or it just plain "pops".
Don't believe me? Go here and here and here. These all popped up (sorry) on the first page of a Google search. And Gala Darling makes sure to repeat her crime in the very next line, in case we didn't pick it up in the header.

How To Look Fabulous When It's Frigid Outside: My List Of Winter Essentials!
A pop of colour!

I always think it’s lovely to wear a pop of colour in cold weather.
Hey, fashion journos and bloggers - noun or verb - this is now officially a cliche! And, amongst other duties, it's your job to avoid cliches. Or don't you expect to be read? Do you and your editors assume we're all just looking at the pictures? In which case, get a real job!

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