Tuesday, July 3, 2012


At a recent milonga, I remarked to N how nice B was looking that evening. A moment's appreciative inspection, then he shook his head. "Yes, but she's too young for fishnets."
I thought I must have misunderstood. "You mean ... there really are some great things that should be reserved for older women?"
"Yup. Fishnets have to be earned. You gotta get your stripes."
Wonderful! And I'd like to know if there are any other items of apparel or personal decoration this applies to.
In the meantime, men who appreciate fishnets but don't, for one reason or another, want to wear them on their own legs, can buy this tie here.

I dare you!
The image at the top, by the way, comes from a lovely site called Fishnets and Fedoras. As does this one, taken in a Florida shopping mall.


  1. I wouldn't take the words of a crusty old tanguero as gospel, especially on the subject of women's attire. Trust your own instincts Jane - you're much more stylish than him! Some women look good in fishnets, and some women don't; it's a question of how they're styled, also what gauge the fishnets are - micro, mid-sized or very open. I'm no spring chicken, and I look dreadful in fishnets, but if I slip them on over a pair of nude sheer pantyhose, or a coloured pair of opaques, I can wear them. But I'd rather not; don't really know why. Too *obvious* maybe? :-/

  2. Another clothing item that requires the wearer to have, err, a certain maturity, is a fedora hat. Look at Jack White, a great muso but he's too young for his hat. His albeit stylish fedora simply only highlight his cherubic chubby cheeks. Too much contrast to be a confident look.

    And only Keff Richards can look and dress like Keff Richards. Ya know he does have the miles on the clock and has earnt every crinkle and wrinkle. It would just look too 'try-hard' on anyone else.