Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nothing says I love you like deliberately induced ketosis

The Times told us recently that prospective brides - in the US; where else? - are opting to be fed by nasal tube to shed weight fast for The Big Day. Romantic or what?
Via their affianced nostril, a yummy blend of protein, fat and water drips into their stomach for up to 10 days. Because this stuff doesn't contain any carbs and amounts to a mere 800 calories a day, our happy brides-to-be, in effect, start eating their own bodies.
And in other news ...
In the kind of "research" that tends to prompt mocking belly laughs from non-social scientists, a Canterbury University student (yes, right here in New Zealand) has found that women threatened by female images in the media own more shoes and handbags, and shun trousers. Women who are insecure irrespective of media images, on the other hand, tend to avoid accessories too because these would draw unwelcome attention.
The threatened-by-media-images group, she speculates, use accessories to increase their physical attractiveness, but avoid trousers because these reveal their figures. The generally insecure who dodge accessories too, dress anonymously to avoid attention of any kind.
Gosh, we didn't know that, did we!
Fortunately, the report includeds no stats, so there's no point counting our shoes and handbags - not to mention our scarves, belts, gloves, hats and jewellery items - in an attempt to discover measure exactly how insecure we are.
And finally, French researchers - yes, you guessed it, sociologists -  tracked around 450 transactions on tips left for seven waitresses over two months. They discovered that waitresses who wore red lipstick were tipped half the time by male customers, whereas those who wore brown and pink lipstick, or none at all, were tipped less than a third of the time.
But - surprise! - waitresses' make up had no noticeable effect on tipping by women.
This discovery, the researchers portentously announce, has important implications for women in the hospitality industry, particulary those working in bars and restaurants frequented by men.

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