Friday, March 9, 2012

A jewelled isle

Great Barrier Island is one-and-a-half hours flying time but a million miles from Wellington, and nine days there is as good as a holiday overseas. I went to write, and write I did. But I also bought jewellery, made by local woman Jenny Napier.

(Strictly speaking, I should say "costume jewellery", but does anyone use that term now we've stopped wearing "costumes"? And you know I'm not talking about precious, or even semi-precious, stones, don't you.)
Jenny is a traveller - and a magpie - and brings home whatever she finds on her trips. She works at her kitchen bench and sells from a table at the Saturday Pa Beach market.
The blue beads above are pearlised Swarovski crystals, and will never lose their colour. And here are a few other irresistable delights. 

Jenny markets her stuff under the label Jenz Jewels, but isn't interested in doing big business. So if you want some, you'll have to go to Great Barrier.