Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The long and short of it

Plain Jane is tallish, S even taller. Our upper bodies being deceptively slight, we shock many of the portenos who invite us to dance. As we unfurl from our chairs, their eyes widen - either in mock alarm or the real thing - and their mouths drop open.
The most dramatic reaction I had was at Flor de Milonga last week, when I stood up in my new Raquel shoes - possible the highest I've ever worn. The man reeled back and held up his hands with a loud, "Mama mia!"
S had one man pretend to reach for a chair to stand on. And yesterday at Nueve Chique someone mimed growing taller on the edge of the dancefloor, while I obligingly bent my knees as we walked towards one another.
The laughter that results from these situations is often a good start to a tanda. Although not in the case of the man at Flor de Milonga, who proceeded to race me around the floor like a man with something to prove.

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