Monday, August 1, 2011

Bang on trend

I'm always glad to hear of the latest fashion jargon, so thanks to The Fashion Police for this new delight. Their report on what Kate Middleton wore to somebody or other's wedding - oh wait, it was the All Black and the Royal - sardonically cites “shopping your own closet”. It's apparently what the rest of us call “wearing your clothes”. And what that comes down to is, as the FP point out,  wearing something more than once.
Good god, whatever next?
A virtual chocolate fish to anyone who can supply further entertaining examples of foolish fashion speak.


I've been delivered a justifiable rap over the knuckles by Pinky Black: 

Tut tut – the Royal wedding did not feature an All Black; Zara Phillips married the English rugby captain. Mind you, the biggest fashion story this week has been that England will ditch their usual all white uniform to play in an all black strip for some World Cup games so maybe you’re just so far ahead of the rest of us.
Er, no.

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