Thursday, June 23, 2011

On guard against Nygard

That horror in the middle is one Peter Nygard, Winnipeg "fashion designer", whose portrait - blown up to vast mural proportions, presumably in an effort to approximate the size of his ego - appears on the outside wall of the store I visited (briefly) last night.
Only afterwards did I learn enough of the man and his business to deter me from ever entering another. But even if his public reputation were spotless, I would have assumed from what I saw on the racks that this is a man who doesn't like women. Never in my life have I seen such a comprehensive array of ugly fabric and unflattering, clumsy designs.

Sadly, these few images fail to do justice to the cumulative visual effect of rack upon rack of hideous and not particularly well-made garments. Yet astonishingly, this stuff sells in Europe and all over North America.
The man was a local success story until the last couple of years, when CBC cracked open his PR. Google Nygard and the scandal is top of the list.
He's been accused of abusing and virtually enslaving staff, running sweatshops, and living a rampant sex life that features teenagers and quite possibly rape. A couple of years ago his - brace yourself - Mayan-themed Bahamas mansion burned to the ground. And he is still pursuing CBC through the courts in an effort to refute its claims.
But enough, let's never speak of him again.


  1. ugh but good to see you back online. Anonymous will be happy too.

  2. OMG!! I hadn't heard about this. What with reading today about baby girls being operated on in India to change them into boys, I'm not sure I should thank you!