Friday, May 13, 2011

Post-BA posts

Plaza Dorrego, last Sunday evening; a test of nerve:
the band had just begun playing; S was first on the floor and I was second (photograph by Cheryl Brown)
Before I left home three weeks ago, I fondly imagined I would be posting from Buenos Aires at the rate I do from here, on all manner of appearance- and tango-related topics, liberally spiced with on-the-spot pictures.
Huh. I was far, far too busy doing it all to record any of it. All I managed was this list of blogs-to-come:
  • The Eva Peron Museum - in particular, her dresses and shoes
  • Tango-proof mascara - does it exist?
  • BA's beautifully dressed older men and alarmingly dressed older women
  • The great shoe hunt - down with Darcos and up with Comme Il Faut
  • Milonga banio ladies
  • Excess baggage - or, how much better I'll do in the packing department next time. Because, oh yes, there will be a next time.

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