Tuesday, March 29, 2011


... at the Recycle Boutique. Ostensible reason: looming tango pilgrimage to Buenos Aires. Real reason: because (as Ed Hillary said of Everest) it's there.
To be strictly accurate, it was two consecutive splurges.*
Yesterday, browsing the racks with R after lunch at Martha's Pantry, I waited ages with an armful of garments for one of the much-in-demand curtained cubicles. The armful included several fanciful, tango-only outfits, none of which were right. I ended up with a black, mildly sparkly, wrap-around David Lawrence cardigan ($25), and an entirely sensible but nonetheless stylish Sonny knitted coat-cum-cardigan-cum-jacket - black merino, trimmed in red leather ($69).
Am interested to see that Sonny Elegant Knitwear was established in the 50s. Croatians Zarko and Sonja Milich arrived in Auckland in 1953 with their seven-year-old son and two knitting machines.** In 1991, the son, Tony, launched Sabatini, a more styley brand, of which I've bought a few items over the years.
Something else I tried on yesterday - a Zambesi silk dress. An 8, so the fit was snug, especially over the hips. It had a straight-across, 50s-style neckline, narrow, elbow-length sleeves, and a deep V neck at the back. Smashing, but did I need it? Womanfully, I set it aside.
Only to think about it later. A lot. And this morning. I mean, a silk Zambesi dress for $45?
So back I went today, tried it again, noted how straightforward it would be to ease the side-seams, and bought it. I also picked up a cute little black-and-white Paul Frank houndstooth jacket for $38.
Total outlay over the two days: $177. Value for money? I think so.

* This blog defines splurge as any one shopping expedition during which two or more garments are purchased, especally from one shop. The essence of a splurge is impulse and, therefore, wickedness. 
** According to my new fashion bible, The Dress Circle: New Zealand Fashion Design Since 1940, Lucy Hammonds, Douglas Lloyd Jenkins, Claire Regnault (Godwit, 2010). Buy it - you won't regret doing so.


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