Sunday, May 16, 2010

An illustration of the foolishness of consulting sons on dress codes

No one was looking to me, I hope, for guidance on the question of appropriate Chinese wedding wear. Here is a more or less verbatim transcript of today's messages on that topic between the son in China (J) and his mother (Plain Jane) in New Zealand. S is J's fiancee.

J: Sorry, black dress not really OK, neither is white

PJ: S's view?

J: Yes, I asked her. But now she's kind of flipped-flopped

PJ: Will find something else

J: S says that if it's OK in the free west then it's OK for her

PJ: I think if she's in doubt, I should avoid it

J: S is wearing white which is also wrong, so she says actually black'll be fine. And I'm wearing cut-off jeans and jandals, so whatever

[brief pause]

J: Black is OK, to confirm black is now OK

PJ: I might ask again nearer the time. I don't want to cause a stir or do something her friends and relatives might not like.

J: S is wearing some kind of fomal white dress (I guess you'd call it a wedding dress). As for me, I'm not sure anymore. I only have jeans and sneakers

PJ: Which means you will have to get a suit made or buy one. That's what people do, you know.

J: Hmmm. Hoi An [where we're all going after the wedding] is a good place for getting suits made, maybe I can buy one afterwards. If people know I am planning to buy a suit maybe thats enough ...

JP: Stop teasing S! Actually none of the stuff I had made in Hoi An worked out that well.

J: I can get a custom suit for $150 Sophie tells me

PJ: Yes, of course

J: Some ill-fitting rayon job, no doubt

[brief pause]

All scratchy

[brief pause]

Fire hazard

PJ: Get fine wool, you clot. If you get a fairly classic cut it should last a decade or so.

J: Sounds like a lot of hard work. Maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew ...

PJ: I'm now officially ordering S to clock you one!

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  1. This is a comment on the previous post - the comments tab has vanished for that one. I can see what The Onion thought it was doing -satirizing the shows that normalise and encourage this kind of bizarre behaviour. And yes, they do this very well. But still, that means they end up showing the "sluts" as revolting, polluting trash who deserve everything they get. In the current climate - we all know, or should, the hideous stats on sexual violence, low reporting rate and even lower conviction rate - I just don't think this is a great idea.